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Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to the forum, I have quite a few CZs but I'm asking about the 1911A1. I've had it about 6 months now and have put probably 3 hundred rounds through it. The pistol itself is great it's well made and tight as a drum so no issues there. My problem is I can't hit anything and I'm serious from 10 yards I'm lucky to put 1 even on the paper. I have had numerous others try it out and everyone has the same problem, we have narrowed it down to it shoots low. As far as I can tell from 10 yards it appears to be about 24 inches low. The farther out you go the issue is just multiplied. Shooting at a 100 yard target uphill and setting the top of front sight at 6 o'clock it will hit about 60 yards low. Target is up a fairly steep hill so it's easy to pick up where point of impact is. Has anyone else had this issue or even something similar. I'm planning on sending it in to CZ but just wanted some input fro other whom own the same pistol. Thanks everyone!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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