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32 or 380

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I was wondering what are your thoughts on the two rounds? I have no experience with the 32 but the 380 from what I understand is just under the 9mm and right on the line of big enough for protection.

I'm thinking of a pistol for a back up or to toss in a bag just in case not a EDC.
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Hey Warhawk,

That's a good question. Kinda a matter of preference. However, I would have to assume that if both rounds fit in the same size of gun, people would prefer the larger round. That being said, I have carried both. The thing about the tiny guns, they are pretty much a close range, defensive pistol. The things are by no means range guns..

I tried the Kel-Tec P32s and a P3AT. I could usually hit a man size target with them at combat ranges, but that was it. Doesn't help that they are DA only. But you can sure hide them well, even in shorts. Very light too.

Largest ones I tried were the Kel-Tec P-11 and Tauruss Millenium, first model. Both were 9 mm of course and a much larger, but had a good capacity of 10 or more rounds. Decided they were a bit thick and heavy, so I tried the smaller ones in .32 and .380 later.

The Bersa Thunder .380 is a good one. It has the external hammer, dec0cker, DA/SA trigger and a longer barrel. Makes a decent range gun also. It is however heavy and a single stack. I used one for a coupel of years and then went to the Ruger LC9. Ligher again, but DA only. So the accuracy level is again limited to combat ranges for me anyway. Someone else may shot it better at longer distances, but I have the 9 mil and it is now made in .360. My buddy has the smaller Ruger LCP .380 which he carries all the time. It is much the same as the Kel-Tecs.

So most of the time now, I carry the LC9, but it can be a bit heavy in light shorts. So, I got another tiny .32 by chance in s swap. It is a Taurus TCP .32, DA only and much the same as the Kel-Tecs in size also. Now that it is getting hot in south Texas, I am in shorts again. So, the little TCP is in my pocket all the time. I would rather have the .380 cal model PT-738, but I am into this gun for less than nothing and it works great for an up close and personal gun. Well, really no worse than the Kel-Texs or Rugers. in the same size gun.

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Thanks for the info.

I had a Ruger LC9. I thought the Ruger would have been better in the 380 because the 9 mm and the small grips where a pain for me to hang on to.

I haven't read up on the 32 before but I like the small pistols and as a back up I feel they are a nice option. I did see that pistols come in all sizes from the small compact to the full size frames. Full size would be more fun to hoot but does defeat the back up roll if it's too big.

Another factor will be reloading if I can reload one cheaper than the other that would be a big factor. I'm just starting to get into reloading so it would be nice to get a caliber that I could reload.
I would go with the .380 and that is simply my opinion. I have both a .380 and a 32 and I prefer the .380. Again, just my preference with no stats or facts to back up my preference.
Doing some checking and I will go with the 380. Now to find a good firearm at a good price.
I own a Kel Tec P-32 in .32 acp and a Colt Model 1908 and Walther PPK/s in .380 acp.

I prefer the .380 for carry...especially when loaded with a premium manufacturers carry load.
I own a Kel Tec P-32 chambered for .32ACP... and a Colt Model 1908 / Walther PPK/s both chambered in .380 ACP.

I prefer the .380ACP load for carry...especially when loaded with a premium carry round from Hornady.
I have a very nice Sig P238 but it was a bit pricey. The Ruger LCP is a very nice subcompact .38 and much more reasonable in price.
This is my P3AT at about 7 yards, mag dump as fast as I could pull the trigger. That's an 8 inch target. I'm comfortable with hitting man sized targets without difficulty at SD ranges.

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Give the Taurus TCP 380 a look. I have a Colt Mustang, Sig P238, Sig P938, but the Lightweight Taurus still finds a place in my pocket frequently. The Sig's shoot more accurately, with real sights, but the Taurus does a lot better job than I thought it would, for $219 . Best ammo for shortbarreled 380s is probably Federal Hydrashok or anybody's Hornady XTP rounds.

I shot a TCP a few times it was a nice pistol, if I find a deal I will grab one up for sure.
LCPs at PSA is $169 now. I CCW mine everywhere.

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