Now selling my CZ Rami BD that has been Cajun Gun Works upgraded with the Pro-Package for RAMI Decocker, front and rear tritium night sights, matte black race style hammer, stainless steel "Old Style" trigger. My pistol will come with one 10-round and two 14-round magazines in the correct CZ case. It is the decocker model, no manual safety. Comes with a Remora in-pocket holster and two sets of after market Rami grips.
This list covers upgrade replacement parts by CGW. The old OEM parts come with the pistol.
  • 1 – TRPIN Floating Trigger Pin
  • 1 – RPTRS Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring
  • 1 – HS-15 15# Hammer Spring
  • 1 – 61050 Firing Pin
  • 1 – 61100 Firing Pin Retaining Pin
  • 1 – RP-FPBS Reduced Power Plunging Spring
  • 1 – 14M Machined Lifting Arm
  • 2 – HPIN Hammer Pin
  • 1 – 75585 “Old Style” Trigger or 75665 DA/ SA Flat Trigger
  • 1 – 1487T4Hybrid Disconnector
  • 1- LSpring
  • 1- 500318 Extra Heavy Firing Pin Block Plunger Spring
I left the CZ OEM rubber grips on because it made shooting very comfortable. This is another pistol that I also fully intend to recover most of my investment, so the price is $1250 firm and is offered here first for awhile before I list it on Gun Broker for a considerably higher price, plus buyer tax and shipping.
If it sells here then shipping will be a flat $35 to buyer's FFL dealer. Questions, email me at [email protected]