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Anyone have one of the 612-HC Shotguns?

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I like the looks of the 612-HC shotguns but have not had a chance to see one in person. For the piece, they look really promising. So does anyone have one or had a chance to shoot one? Just looking for some feedback on them.
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The ones I handled at SHOT in January looked solid. Didn't get a chance to shoot one.

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Just picked one up today, 612 HD combo. Came with a slug barrel for around the house, and a 26" field barrel for trap and skeet. I'm already impressed with CZ products, and I'll be sure to post once I've had a chance to shoot it.
Tried it out for the first time yesterday. Typical CZ. Solid, smooth and precise. I practiced with the cylinder barrel, and fed a variety of bird shot, buck shot, and slugs through. I hit what I was aiming at, and the action felt slick and solid. Very nice trigger as well. Heading to the trap field this weekend to break some plates.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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