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Anyone refinish a Shadow 2 Urban grey?

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I picked up my first CZ a few months ago. Couldn't pass up the Shadow 2 Urban grey for the price. I absolutely love shooting it. Hate to say though, Jesus they picked a terrible color. I'm curious if anyone here has had one refinished and if so how are the results? Would I be better off selling it and finding a replacement?
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So nobody's taken the dive eh? I'm really trying to confirm if the rumor of the urban grey being a coating to cover frame casting imperfections? Anybody?

Oh, I decided I'd just buy a prettier one. Since these are on Clearance for under a grand who could resist?
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Good choice. Now you can use your Urban Grey as a backup.
I haven't decided if the new ones gonna get used or just sit pretty in the safe for a while. I do like looking at it.
I personally love the urban grey color combo with the black slide and grips. I just love the blue/black more. But I also love colors on my guns
I would have one Cajunized. While that work was being accomplished, I would shoot the other one. When the Cajunized one came back, I would send the other one to be Cajunized.
A competent gunsmith can do the work; there is no need to send it back to Cajun Gun Works. There are videos on how-to do this upgrade but their 10x barrel bushing installation needs someone with experience modifying the bushing (whence, a gunsmith, in my case).
I don't get the "I like guns to look at" thing. They're strictly tools to me.
I don't get the "I like guns to look at" thing. They're strictly tools to me.
I intended it to read as "I like the looks" of it much better than the urban grey. And at least for now I think I'll keep it new and shoot the urban. However, if they're going clearance and presumably out of production keeping it as new might not be a bad idea.
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