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As an owner of many CZ82's I have become enamored with the CZ designs.

However along the way I have also picked up a number of CZ75B and CZ75C Turkish manufactured clones including:

Canik 55 C-100 imported by TriStar
Canik S-120
Canik L-120
Canik Stingray

All have been surprisingly good handguns and continue to maintain the accuracy standard set by the CZ75 series.

Are these pistols welcome here?

If so...perhaps a thread dedicated to all Turkish clones might be suggested.

The fact too that the CZ712 shotgun is made in Turkey certainly would seem to be a common bond. In fact the Turkish made ATI SX2 semi auto shotgun is a near carbon copy of the CZ712 design....which itself appears to be a copy of the Benelli A300 series shotguns.


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I don't have many clones, but I do prefer the large frame steel Witness to the CZ97. Here is an older large frame Witness Match and a Witness Standard. Both in 45ACP.

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