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Well, this is one of 2 guns I got off a guy at a gunshow. He had not been able to sell crap out of his rifle case full of crap. He had barrels for 10/22s and Contender barrels with rust n them. A few AR parts too, and a nice, little top break H&R .22 of early vintage, minty looking in nickle finish. He wanted 2 for the little H&R, 50 bucks for the Armscor rifle. and 60 bucks for any of the barrels. Told him to get real. i was at teh back of the show and he had not sold them yet. So, I offered a bill for the H&R and 25 for the rifle. I told him I assumed his rifle was broken since he only wanted 50 bucks. It looked like new. Rifle was broken. He used it 1 time and it locked up. He had left it in a closet since he got it in the early 90s. He had to haved 150 at least to get school clothes as it was tax free weekend. Whatever!!! Told him I would if he gave me another piece of his junk. He offered a rusty Contender barrel. No, I quit doing Contenders years ago. So, I picked the AR upper receiver. He went for it. Turned out to be for a DPMS .308, old style, A2 type sight. Everything for 150. Good enough for me.

Got the broke ass rifle and upper for less than nothing as I sold the H&R .22 to a friend at the show on Sunday for 2 bills. Had to get the bolt in the rifle to work first. The disconnector and trigger would not drop enough to let it pass and go into battery. Removal of the trigger stop pin allowed me to get it in. Seemed to work o.k. Next problem was the feeding. Mag was loose in the mag well and mag lips needed tweaking. That was probably the original problem. He had removed the bolt and could not get it to work at all.

A pic of the Armscor rifle after the mag feed lips adjustment. The rifle is the older model, if ya can call it the pre AWB model. It has the 15 round mag that was banned in 92 and the 3 prong, old type AR flash hider. These guns are imported from the Phillipines. Original guns were made for some fredoom fighters there and were in open bolt, full auto. These are only semi. Some are still being imported. I had 2 of the old ones and they worked great. This one works great now. I removed the AR-15 type carry handle and added a 4X scope and rings for my weak eyesight. Pic has the Armscor below a new Mossy 715T .22, AR copy cat gun I got recently. Mossy is on top, newish type looks. Armscor is definitely old school looks, sorta.

Armscor with carry handle attached.

The DPMS .308 upper receiver. Don't know what to do with this. Got less than nothing in it also. So, maybe sell it? Use it for a paperweight? Boat anchor? Or maybe I can become an AR assembler as I call them. But I really don't need another .308 cal rifle I can't feed. Already ahve an H&K clone.

Scored some ammo too. Guy had come in the show trying to sell some Fed bulk packs for 60 bucks. He was down to 50 cause dealers had it for 60 and had not sold any. Got him to sell me 2 bricks for 60 bucks. Worked for me.

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