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    Just wanted to pass along this local battle:

    If you want to support the 2nd, here is the link:

    Short Summary

    On Jan 10th, 2014 we were served with a lawsuit from the City of Creedmoor Tx. In a clear violation of Texas HB 677 (aka The Range Protection Act) the plantiffs seek to perminantly close our gun range. Our business land use pre-dates the City of Creedmoor's annexation and we feel that Austin shooters need a safe place to shoot.

    What We Need & What You Get

    Funds to assist in our legal battle.
    Funds to help cover carrying costs while we remain closed.
    Donors will receive dollar for dollar store credit, if and when we reopen.
    The Impact

    This is Texas. If we cannot shoot firearms on a very rural 112 acres, when state law clearly states in many different statues that we can, then case law will be established and gunranges everywhere will start to close.

    Cities everywhere are watching our case to determine if they can violate the 2nd ammendment rights of gun ranges and their patrons everywhere.
    Your assistance shows your support for landowner's rights, and well as the 2nd ammendment rights of citizens everywhere.
    Other Ways You Can Help

    Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

    Let the city of Creedmoor know that you plan to boycott their businesses unless the suit is dropped. Richard Crandal, City Secretary 512-243-6700 or [email protected]
    Help us organize political support through other government agencies and political figures. Margaret GomezTravis County, Texas Attorney General, Us Dept of Justice, ACLU or if you may have ties to any high ranking officials who can help in any way. Our email is [email protected] if you would like to contact us.
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    Any updates on this? Can you get an injunction based on the state preemption law?

    Any chance of getting County Line to host a fund-raising BBQ?

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    Not my range. I don't really know the details other than some neighbors complained and they got shut down.

    There were reports that rounds ended up in neighbors property, but seems like he said she said from what I have seen.
    Hopefully, that isn't really the case.

    Seems the last couple south texas ranges have had same issues.