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Best cz target gun

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Hey I was wondering what the best cz target shooting gun is
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Better if it is lightweight
Testing my phone
That looks like niether a phone, nor a CZ.:p

But this one is.

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depends for what? IDPA SSP? uspsa open? Best comp that you can still carry?

I would say take a look over at cz custom SSP= sp=01 shadow or 75 shadow

open gun

best you can still carry? any of them really it's kind of subjective... but here's the accu-shadow lite

For some reason I was only thinking pistols
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I think the CZ527 varminter .223 makes a dandy target rifle. Cheap to shoot when you hand load and with the scope I have you can play at 500 yards. 300 is max for hunting moving targets such as smaller game. It also can handle 5.56 mil spec ammo if it ever gets hot and heavy.
CZ 455 Varmint Precision Trainer.

This guy is a bit of a typical gun writer, as he doesn't seem to know that not everyone wants a trigger like his, or that CZ makes the 455 in a .22 Mag/.17 version that will allow for feeding from the mag, or that there is actually a $200 stock made for the CZ that will allow you to make your own gun of that type, out of your own Varmint rifle. He also seems to think that all rimfire ammo is the same, which seals my opinion of him as a writer, and not a gun guy.:rolleyes:

But his article does let you see a review and a pic.;)
Testing my phone
Oddly enough that looks like my basement and one of my mosins
wife had the custom shop build a cadet .22 single action. Its pretty accurate, though its not even clear if asking rifles or pistols or what. The bulk of the cz pistol family have military triggers, not target, and that will make the user have to work for real accuracy (compared to say a $3k target gun). For what they are (price range and expected uses), the pistols are very accurate -- once with my rami I was showing off at 3gun and did only headshots for the day, some at over 15 yards, and it was not an issue. Sight radius (and multi MOA sight blades/dots, yuck) and trigger are more of a limitation than the inherent platform accuracy (compare: put it in a rest vs human). As for rifles, cz has a fine reputation but I do not have any and cannot comment.
The DW Valor. Tried one fell in love and ordered another.
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