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Bought cz 75 full size with no magazine . What model is this cz 75 and what magazine should I ask for

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I just purchased a cz 75 9mm full size and it needs a magazine as it came without one . I will post a photo here if this will help . Any help will
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any help will be greatly appreciated .
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I’ll buy it from you🤷🏻‍♂️. Any CZ75 mag that holds 16+ rounds will work. The compacts only hold 14 and they are too short.
Just be aware that CZ75 Tactical Sports magazines will NOT fit any standard CZ 75. Just shop online or call CZ Custom or Cajun Gunworks or several magazine sellers online and they can make sure you get what you need. They may not be in your local gun shop but they are not at all uncommon.
I just purchased a cz 75 9mm full size and it needs a magazine as it came without one . I will post a photo here if this will help . Any help will View attachment 1102
any help will be greatly appreciated .
That's a pre-B 75. Magazines for it are specific and modern 75/SP-01/Shadow magazines will not work from what I've read.

I could be wrong but I've seen that said enough times that it's worth investigating.
CZ 75 B magazines will not fit inside the magwell of a CZ 75 pre B pistol. The CZ 75 pre B magazines will fit inside the magwell of a CZ 75B pistol. I have both a CZ 75 pre B and CZ 75B pistols. The magazines for both are different. You need magazines specifically made for the CZ 75 (pre B). If your gun's empty magazines are not drop free when you hit the mag release button, you can purchase a drop magazine brake from and install it yourself. I did. But, beware, the original brake, a thin, rectangular shaped piece of metal in the grip has a piece at the bottom end that is attached to the frame and I had to break off the original piece to get it out. Replacing it with the new one is the easy part and the magazines will drop free.

Here are some pics of the different CZ 75 magazines.
1st here is the magazines that you need for your pre B gun. I believe they are made by CZ, not Mec Gar.
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The CZ magazine on the right is made by Mec Gar and is for the regular CZ 75B. The left one is for the pre B.
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The CZ made 26rd magazines will fit and feed in both the CZ 75 and the pre B pistols.
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Here is an interesting bit of info. if you want to modify your pre B to fit and feed CZ 75B magazines.
Link to site
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Every time I need a mag for a CZ, I give Greg Cote a call. He's super knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and usually has the various types of CZ mags in-stock. If he doesn't have it in-stock, he'll call you or email you when he does get the particular mag you need in-stock. Here's the link to his website: All Products : Greg Cote LLC
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