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Calamity Sue's Husband ammo thread

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I'm an old fart that has been hunting/buying ammo in large quantities for over ten years. I've had numerous threads at other forums mainly at Calguns so I decided to help the CZ folks find some ammo deals. Note, deals today, for 9mm for example, disregarding steel, are 32-35 cpr (that's cents per round) delivered. Delivered means tax and shipping are included in the prices I mention. To give you an idea of the volume, I shoot 120 rounds of 9mm a week, 800-1000 rounds of 22lr a week (Calamity does half of that) and about 100 rounds of 223/556. I usually average 40-45 range trips a year.

Tomorrow for example, I'll be shooting Norma 124 gr, Fiocchi 124 gr, Win 115 gr, S&B 124 gr, Blazer 124 gr and PMC 124 gr 9 mm thru my CZ Shadow 2 SAO that I've had for about two years. Pics are in Pistol Forum.

For my DD's tomorrow, I'll be shooting Norma Tac 223, PMC Bronze, IMI, Hornady Black, and a few Rems and Feds.

Tomorrow for 22lr, it will be Ruger day instead of shooting my CZ 452, 453, 452 Lux. All my Rugers were rebarreled with GM bbls, they all have Kidd single stage triggers with springs, etc. All have scopes of 20-24 power of Vortex Vipers, or equivalent, as do all my CZ's, and we'll be shooting either at 50 yards, which is normally done, or sometimes at 75 yards. 75 yards will open the targets a bit, showing the ammo faults or the rifle faults. Calamity shoots hv, mainly CZ, but also Blazer and a few Aguila. All shoot fine with no problems whatsoever, even the Rem GB's. However all will display various fliers of different degrees. I only shoot sv's and mostly the "greasy kids stuff" from Europe, although I also shoot CCI sv's as I have a bleep load of them. I stay away from the $$$ Lapua the Tenex although I have a few of each for testing purposes. Our 72 Ruger mags are locked and loaded. We don't waste time loading at the range, although I do when I shoot my CZ's. Calamity sticks with her Rugers.

Ok. Here's an example of what I posted the past couple of days. Any Q's, just ask.

Looks like ammoshop is starting to get restocked. Again, not a "deal" deal, but they have Norma 115 gr 9mm "on sale" for $16.19 per 50 rounds. Free ship over $200. I shoot this one or their 124 gr round nearly every week. Quality, accurate rounds. Buying enough for free ship, 13 boxes, they come to me for $228.10 for 650 rounds, or 35 cpr delivered. A lot more than they use to 3-4 years ago, but a decent delivery in today's time, and with inflation the way it is, .......


Ammoshoponline has a deal going on, (well, it's almost a deal
), buy 5 Norma Tac 55gr 223 and get 1 free. This is at $17.99 per 30 rounds. Free shipping starts at $200. So, buy 15 at $17.99 and get three free. Tax for me is $22.60. Hence 540 rounds come to me for $292.45 or 54.1 cpr. Again not great, but it's only gonna get more expensive, at least for a while.

Another place I've never heard of,, or Ace Buyers Guns, in Michigan. Right now they have Norma Tac 22lr for $4.49 / $43.99 / $429.99. Prices are 50/500/5K. It does not appear that they charge tax and shipping is reasonable, with 2 bricks coming in at $51.50 per, 4 bricks coming in at $47.75, and 10 bricks delivered at $455. Never heard of them as I mentioned.

Ace Buyers Guns – Your source for Guns and Ammo In northern Michigan

For those of you who like and shoot 22lr Blazer, CCIammo has the 525 box and the 425 milk carton up for sale for $47.99 and $39.99 resp. Does not appear to be a limit on these and free ship for $99+. Note: these are OOS now I believe. They always have CCI sv's and mm's of both flavors. Free ship over $99, but not cheap any longer. Some have max's too.

Shop products in Blazer today | CCI Ammunition

Below is an example of what I've bought from these folks less than two years ago. I believe they were just getting started here in the US. The stuff shoots great in all my rifles. I bought a few K's to try them out before buying quite a few cases of each. Lucky for me they were fast shippers and not that well know. It was a well kept secret, but even when we posted it in several forums, it lasted a while. You can see exactly how many boxes they have left by clicking on Product Details button. For example, they now have 4432 boxes of Eley Club for sale at the good, but not fabulous price of $7.99. Shipping is reasonable. I used this for an example to show a better place to buy.

ELEY 42g Action 500 bulk pack .22lr $32.50 each
ELEY 42g Action 50 round box .22lr $3.25 each
500- ELEY action .22lr brick of 500 rimfire cartridges $27.50 each

Here's my favorite place to buy, run by a sweaty pie named Kathy. Usually the best prices anywhere for what they sell. Shipping is very reasonable. The main problem is they sell out fast. Give Kathy a call. In the example above of KSS, the Eley Club was $7.99. Kathy's price is $6.85. Anything they sell is usually at rock bottom prices.

Enough for now, I have to load the car for shooting tomorrow. Any Q's, just ask. Here's where I buy my Shoot N C targets and for how much. Mostly they come from Amazon.

3" Shoot n c targets, 1000 sheets for $53.67. That's 4000 targets. 1.3 cents per target. Learn about camelcamel and set up for notification when a price drops to what you are will to pay. Check out the price history. I also use/like the one below.

Here's what the camel shows. It's a fair price now, but it can be better. Set up the camel to tell you when.

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Pretty good deal here. 124 gr S&B 9mm for $310.00 per 1K. Minimum order is 1K and max is 2K. If you are first time orderer, just the code discountjust1 for free ship. Otherwise it's $28 for me here in NV. An added bonus is no tax is charged for me and most others, which means 31 cpr delivered. Hard to pass that one up.
Forgot to add the link. How does one edit their posts?????

Good value on these 8" square Shoot N C targets.

Next to the 3" target, this puppy is my most favorite. Lowest price in a year and a half, second lowest ever. $6.29 for 15 targets.

Another good deal on zincpoint. I've shot PPU for several years now and my Shadow 2 shoots it very well. The 115 gr is on sale for $304 per 1K. I didn't check but it might also be free ship and no tax which would make this a great deal in today's times.

Cheapest I've seen Norma Tac 22 in several years. $39.89 a brick, free ship on totals over $150.

Ammoshop has Norma 124 gr 9mm on "sale" for $16.99 with free shipping on orders over $200.

Bucking Horse Outpost has CCI Blazer 9mm 115 gr and 124 gr up for sale for $19 per. Using code EASTER5201 reduces that price to $15.50. I also noticed that shipping is free when I order 10 boxes. I don't know if there's a minimum to get free ship. Good til 4/21. 31 cpr delivered, plus tax. For me, 500 rounds come to me for $167.98, a fair deal.

Bucking Horse Outpost has Fed AE115 gr 9mm in 100 round boxes for $31 each, limit 10, using code SPECIAL9DP, good thru 4/28. The 124 gr is available in 50 round boxes for $16.50 using code SPECIAL9AP. Free ship on orders of $125+.

A fairly good deal just came up overnight at ammoshoponline. 124 gr Geco 9 mm packaged in 1K rounds cans for $298.95 with free shipping. A can comes to me for $324.00 delivered.

Bucking Horse Outpost has a few items on sale this weekend. For you 45 ACP Blazer shooters, the 230 gr fifty round box is on sale for $25, limit 10, using code SHOOT5230, with free shipping over $125 with coupon FREE2022, although I think the free shipping comes up automatically. A few others too. Sign up for their email to get codes.

Bucking Horse Outpost has Blazer Brass 9mm 115 gr on sale for $14.50 a box, limit 10 with free shipping. They are not charging me tax here in NV either. Code is SPRING5200.

Another weekend ammo sale from Bucking Horse. This time it's the 124 gr CCI Blazer for $14.75 plus tax, limit of 10. Code is SPB6. Good thru the 26th. A few others including some 380 and 38 Special. Also Tul 223 steel on sale for $6.80 per 20 rounds, limit of 20, thru the 22nd. Sign up for newsletter to see the others.

Forgot to post this info for 22lr the other day.

KSS dropped their price on the Eley Semi-Auto benchrest precision to $9 per fifty. That's more than $2 cheaper than most folks. No, it's not for plinking just semi comp shooting. I've never tried it so I bought a brick. Also added their 9mm 124 gr pistol comp to the order. Again, not cheap stuff at $22.80 per fifty. Supposed to be quite good. Typical KSS, shipping was $15 and no tax charged. They aren't the cheapest around, Good Shooting usually gets that honor, but they have the Eley 22lr more often than GS and with no tax and reasonable shipping, things balance out a little. I made a killing with KSS on their Eley Action both in fifties and bulk. It shoots great in all my guns. Not comp, but most of the time better than CCI sv and SK std for a lot less $$.


Placed my order around 10 am and at 6 pm, same day, got Fed Up shipping notice. No, not the label has been made, but the package has arrived at Fed Up's Abilene station. Sunday delivery, supposedly.
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Classic Firearms has Rem 9mm 115 gr up for sale at 15.6 cpr plus tax and shipping. For me in NV, total for 4 boxes, 1K rounds is $215. Know nothing about these folks so take with a grain of sale or jigger of rum. Shipping is very high at $44 for the 1K, but with this price, ....... I'm not a fan of Rem 9mm and have no intention of buying any. Something's not quite right here. Check out before purchasing.

Remington 23975 T9MM3A 9mm LUG 115FMJ - 250 Round Box

I would guess it's really the 100 round box, not the 250 round box. Call them first.
Impact Guns has 124 gr 9mm S&B on sale for $14.99. What's nice is they aren't charging me tax and shipping on a case to me in NV is a very reasonable $11.99. A case of 1K comes to me for $312 delivered. Very nice delivered price on one of my favorite 9mm.

Impact Guns has 124 gr 9mm S&B on sale for $14.99. What's nice is they aren't charging me tax and shipping on a case to me in NV is a very reasonable $11.99. A case of 1K comes to me for $312 delivered. Very nice delivered price on one of my favorite 9mm.

Found this out too late for my order as I just received a shipping notice. But checked on Goggle, Impact Guns coupon code of $20 off a $200 purchase. Code is WELCOME20. Yep, $292 shipped for a case.
Ammo Shop Online has some cans back. 1K of Norma 124 gr 9mm for $298 with free ship. Tax brings it to me for $324. Other cans and makes available, but not presently on sale. Use coupon THANKS10 for 10% off bringing price down for me to $291 delivered.

Bleep, that went fast, although I don't know how long it was up. Now OOS. I was just making up my mind to buy one and saw that it was now oos.
This one is almost too good to be try. Won't last long to say the least. 1K rounds of 115 gr 9mm Geco for $298.99 with free ship. But wait, use the coupon discount code for another 20% off. Yep, code still works. Comes to me for $259.22 delivered, or 25.9 cpr. I've shot over 100 rounds from my first can and it's accurate and GTG ammo.

Remember the code. It's good the entire month of June, or so they say.

Doesn't appear to be any limit of number you can purchase. Each 9mm box you get a 22lr box. 9mm box is $16.99. Free ship at 3+ boxes. Today only or while supplies last.

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