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A Colt Trooper in .22 LR caliber. It was presented to my dad on his retirement from being the Chief of Police in our hometown. Has his name and dates fo service engraved on the right side. Kinda heavy cause it is a medium frame. Shoots well, 6 rounds, adjustable sights.

One old badge, the emblem on his cap, and his whistle above. Below is a Trooper III in .357 mag that I gave him when he retired. The .22 is marked 1955-81. The magnum has no engraving. Has a set of beater grips on it that we used and also have a set of originals. Both are mine now. He passed on in 1992. They will be going to his only grandson.

A 1953 vintage Colt Cobra lightweight .38 spl. Got some mileage on it from being carried in an ankle holster for many years by an old local LEO. Wast shot much or cleaned much. Still tight and shoots well. I use it. Old guy gave it to dad and now it is mine.

My late 70s vintage Colt AR-15 SP1. Colt bipod, bayo mounted, 3X9X50 mounted. Even have the old triangular forend/handguards.

O.K. Let's see some more!!!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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