Confederate "Stars and Bars" Black Walnut Wood Grips. Fits CZ 75, 85 & SP-01 pistols - $45
Natural oiled black walnut wood, engraved "Stars and Bars" Confederate battle flag on the dark wood. Unvarnished wood that will absorb perspiration and won't get slick when firing your pistol, use your existing screws when mounting. The first pic is to show how the grips look actually mounted on the pistol.
Shipped in a USPS Priority small box with a tracking number for $10.50 flat fee. Price of the Stars and Bars grips is $45, payment accepted by personal check or money order only, no electronic or credit card payments as I'm not set up for it.

Located in Arvada, CO., Contact by email [email protected] or by phone/text 720-243-2864 to purchase these grips.