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CZ 453 Troubles

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Since I got this gun a little over a year ago, I haven't shot it much, and I haven't had very good luck with it, either. Granted, a lot of it was probably me...

I bought the gun very slightly used, it's a 453 in 17 HMR. Since the day I got it, it's had a problem kicking out the spent shells. Now, I don't know if I'm babying it, or if it has an issue. If I snap the bolt back a little harder, it WILL kick out the shells, however, neither of my other 2 rim fires have a problem with this. (Savage 93R & Ruger 77/22 LR.) So, maybe it's just a CZ thing? I don't know.

Last weekend, we went shooting, and now it is light striking and no striking. It almost got the Golf Club Throw! So I spent the rest of the weekend on Rimfire Central discussing the problem. A replacement spring from J7P Custom Products aaas recommended, and I now have it ready to go into the gun for today.
My other issue with the thing last weekend was that the scope fell off. Turns out I was sold the wrong rings, 3/8" instead of 11MM, so they couldn't tighten up enough to stay on. I have fixed that by ordering a set of Bushnell Signature series 22 Rings in High.

Also regarding the scope, (A BSA Contender, 4-16X40), was that I was having extreme difficulty seeing through it. The eye relief seemed way to much, making me sit way too far back on the gun. The scope was pushed as far foreword as it could go. Turns out there that the higher the power, the more difficult getting the sight picture through it is. I'm still learning about scopes, LOL.

So for today, if the weather is decent, it's back on with the wrong rings, and the new spring. The right rings will come in sometime next week. At least I can test for function today.

Just thought I'd share, since this IS the CZ forum. Admins, how about splitting this category into Centerfire and Rimfire subcategories?
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I hope the new spring works to correct the light strick issue. With the ejection issue that is the problem with buying used, you don't know if somebody else has played around with parts on the rifle. I have both a 452 and 455 and they extract and eject fired and unfired cases easily, mine are both 22lr. I haven't got bit buy the 17 bug yet, have a barrel for the 455 to make into a 17mach2 though.
I don't think it's an issue where someone played with the gun. There is no sign of anyone doing that. I think it's more like someone bought it new, shot it 50 times, had some issues, and gave up on it. I put the new spring in it, and shot it yesterday. 20 rounds went through it, not a problem. Granted, this was Winchester ammo, and prior to yesterday, I've only shot CCI & Hornady ammo. I need to get some more Hornady, now I'm wondering if it just simply hates that ammo. Also yesterday, it was ejecting the spent cases nicely. I had one stick in there, but I'm thinking more and more it does that only when I baby the bolt.
So for now, I'm going to call the functioning issue solved, and I'll be back out there hopefully next weekend with the correct rings to sight it in.
For sure the proper rings will help.:) I just picked up a 6x18 crossfire II that may go on my 452 to ring out the best it can do. I have been watching for a 453 as i have heard good things about them so i hope this one works out for you.
Good to know you resolved some of the issues with the gun. Rimfires can be picky about ammo. I had 3 Marlin .22 mags that were pretty much alike. Two of them would feed both CCI and Winch. ammo. The 3rd gun would not even chamber Winchester ammo. Tolerances must have been a bit off on it. CCI wokred just tine.

Same knda problems with 3 different Ruger 10/22s. Two of them would feed Remington and Winchester ammo, but not Federal. The other one would feed Federal and Winehester, but no Remington. Never know why. They were all the same. I tinker with the guns some cause all I buy is used guns. I'm not much into the high dollar mods on the rimires like some people on the Rimfire Central website.
Chances are, things are just a bit tight still, as the gun breaks in, it should kick out shells easy enough. The CZ is generally far tighter in tolerances than the Rugers and Savages.

My 455 American in .17 HMR is a laser. It is seriously point and shoot, as shown by the pic of the target I shot with my second mag ever in the gun.

Shot one mag into the desert to get a feel for the trigger, second mag I shot one, adjusted the scope, shot the second, adjusted scope, and then shot the last three. 25 yards supported.

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Was the flier on #4 your fault?
Was the flier on #4 your fault?
All me. This was a CenterPoint scope, I've since put a BSA sweet .17 on it, but haven't even zeroed it.:(
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