CZ 70 Hammer Follow

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    I have a CZ70. I can rack the slide to the rear and set the hammer in its single action position. Now, if I ride the slide forward into battery, the hammer will remain set in its single action position and pulling the trigger allows the hammer to fall. If I just release the slide from its rearward position and let it go into battery under its full power, the hammer follows the slide as it slams into battery.

    Shooting live ammo the hammer follow causes the pistol to fire a second shot as the slide returns to battery following the first shot. The gun usually stops with a failure to eject that second cartridge. I feel like this could be a runaway gun situation if it could properly cycle an entire magazine.

    My experience with guns leads me to believe I may have an issue with the sear. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this with this model or know exactly what is going on?