CZ 75 compact sights

Discussion in 'CZ Pistol Forums' started by dmodde, Jan 6, 2017.

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    I use meprolight for most of my various pistol brands and like them a lot. CZ’s I can’t stand them for some reason, and it feels like the notch in the rear isn’t quite low enough for me, so I stopped buying them for my CZ’s.

    I’ve been happy with the truglo Pro tritium only u notch sights I have. Also have a set of XS sights, still getting used to them. They seem interesting but different.

    If you like the factory sights that come with them, the meprolights will give the same picture. Meprolights you will have to cut the notch for the front sight cross pin. Did not have to do that with the truglo sights.