I’m parting ways with my Steel framed CZ P01, roll marked CZ 75 Compact. SKU # 99021.
I purchased two steel framed P01 a few years ago. One 99021 and one 99041. I had the 99041 Cajunized and has been my carry gun. The 99021 I have put around 100 rounds through, mainly when I first purchased and haven’t touched it since.
I’m selling to start a alloy frame, optic mounted P01 carry build. Wife says I have to sell one of my pistols to be awarded her blessing before starting a new build. And this is my only untouched pistol🤣.

From memory, there were 50 of the 99021 imported to USA, after that success 1450 of the 99041 were imported.

Price is $800 plus shipping from my FFL to yours.

I have attached photos of the 99021. Included magnet attached as steel frame verification. I will also included in a reply post, photos of the 99041 for comparison of the awesome work you can have done by Cajun Gun Works.

Contact is normally best via text, call if you prefer : 240-three7two-4709