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Hello. Looking to purchase some upgrades for the subject pistol models. The SP01 is in .40SW.

Would like to install aftermarket triggers in both...reduced trigger pull and perhaps some aftermarket springs. Would also like to install stainless steel guide rods.

Does anyone know where I can purchase these types of upgrades? I'm familiar with the cajungunworks but I'd like other options as well.


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When I got my SP-01 and was ready to upgrade it to near Shadowlike, someone was kind enough to send me this list of upgrades.
I did everything except the 85 trigger and SS recoil rod and it is a smooth shooting pistol. I used the Competition hammer. Prices may be up a little from when I did mine. Good Luck!

Most of the parts are from Cajun Gun Works but CZ Custom is great too.

Here's the list from CGW:

1) Ring hammer kit - $123.00
2) SRS-1, fixes the SA reset and produces an amazing DA pull - $66.00
3) 1485-T2 disconnector - $38.00
4) TR-PIN floating trigger pin - $13.00
5) RP-TRS - reduced power trigger spring - $7.00
6) FP-RP - firing pin retaining pin - $10.00
7) 70001 - SS grip screws - $8.00
8) Ez Drift sights - $87 - just put 'em on today

Plus a new style 85 trigger (I have the old style in my Shadow, jury is still out) and a stainless guide rod from Stuart at CZC.

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I got everything for my Shadow from Cajun. Really fast service. Did the floating trigger pin, reduced power trigger spring, 12# recoil spring, 11.5# hammer spring, and extended firing pin, polished internals and hammer strut, and got the DA down from about 8.5 to 5.5 and the SA to 2.2. Oh, and the SS guide rod.
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