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I picked one up due to an occasional need to pull the trigger twice to get it to fire with a trigger job and light springs have installed it and neeed more time to go shooting to verify to solved my issue. maybe by next weekend too busy with fathers day this week

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I would call Cajun Gun works firing pin a standard length firing pin. The one that comes on CZ-75B's is short. Just hold you empty CZ 75 straight up and drop a pencil down the barrel whit the erasure on the firing pin and pull the trigger. The pencil hardly move. so there is no chance of it failing California's drop test.

I put David's extended firing spring and got both the combat and target hammer spiring to go with it. Using the light target spring it is only guaranteed to fire Federal primers. The combat spring is guarantee to pop any cap including NATO rifle primers. With the lightest spring it will light every thing I have but I have to pull the trigger on my CZ 75BD a second time on 1 out 20 rounds of a box S&B ammo and all the S&B primers look like weak strikes.

I sure had to try a lot of ammo to find a primer hard enough that Cajun Gun Works light spring with their longer firing pin wouldn't ignite the primer every time.

I think those were the 3d and 4th failure to fire in nearly 5,000 rounds. The other 2 were due to the recoil spring being too heavy for the slide to come back far enough on Hornaday's lightest Critacl Defense load when I let the gun get dry and dirty after 1,500 rounds with minimal lubrication.

That CZ-75DB is the most reliabl e thing I've seen

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