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I have had both the 92FS and a CZ 75 some time back. I have small hands and short fingers. So the 92 is a bit big for my hands to start with. I have to move my hand to the right on the grip to get my finger on the trigger like i like it to be. It is just a big handgun for the 9 mil to begin with, but really easy shooting, low recoil. Mags were easy to find. Gun was accurate.

The 75 feels much like a Browning Hi Power to me. I have had a Hi Power clone and it was a really nice shooting gun. Fit my hand much better. The 75 felt a bit thicker, but not as wide as the 92FS. It was accurate. Mags were a bit harder to find, areound here at least. More recently, I had this gun. It was an Italian copy of the CZ, worked well too. Didn't keep it. Had some trouble finding mags for it.

Anyway, I don't have either one now. I do have a Taurus PT-99AS. It is much like hte Berretta. bit has a cock and lock safety instead of a decoker/safety like the 92FS. Kinda missed the Berretta after I sold it, so I replaced it with this gun. It is as accurate and works as well. Uses the same mags too.

Guess it is just a matter of personal preference. Both guns work well. Both are hi-caps. I like external hammer guns. both have that and DA on the first shot or hammer cock on the first shot. Like hat. You may want to shoot both before ya choose.
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