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I'm David from sunny South West Florida. I've had the CZ bug since I started shooting about a decade ago. My first was the venerable 75B, but to be honest, my first CZ purchase ended up being 3 75Bs on the same day, 2 standard and a Cold war edition. Believe it or not, I chose CZ75 because my, then, 14yo son recommended them due to liking TZ75 on "Call of Duty".... SERIOUSLY! And I've never looked back. Since my first 3 in one day buy, I've added several to the collection, most have stayed. Some have gone. Currently 7 pistols 9mm, 2 Kadet kits, a CZ550 .308 and VZ58 DTechnik. I'm looking forward to heaps of good info and convos here! Talk to you all soon!

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