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CZ Holster Database

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CZ USA produces an awesome and extensive holster database.

Follow this link:

This handy spreadsheet is sortable by gun model, holster type, holster company, holster material, RH/LH, etc.

I'm certain there are many smaller, independent holster companies (R Grizzle, UBG, Tueller, etc) not listed, but this is still a very good resource.
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thanks for the info.

thank you for the database. i need to find a new holster for my p-07,and this will help tremendously.
Stealth gear makes IWB holsters for CZs. They get good reviews by people that own them. The holsters look ideal for hot humid climates. I am going to get one soon for my 75 compact.
hogue has p-07/p-09 holsters

hogue has a line of holsters for the p-07 and p-09 handguns. go to or get their catalog for more information.:D
I had Blade-Tech make me a holster for my P-07 Duty 9mm and it worked well. It was the L2 Duty Holster.

I got it with the Drop Leg and Belt options that swapped around with their TMMS system.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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