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Looks like Glock may taking a back seat.
I put my name on a waiting list for the New CZ P-10 -Striker-9mm.
I ordered the FDE as first choice and Black as my second choice. List price less than $500.00.
The first shipment is suppose to arrive in April?
Who really knows?

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Agin, even if I did manage to get a P10 C, I wouldn't carry it.

Now that they offer the EVO 3 Scorpion pistol in FDE, I might get one of those before the
P10 C that's kind of in limbo for orders at this time.

Along with being something small and compact for the range.

The EVO would also get house gun duty.

However., I might be super interested in the P10 C Semi-Compact if we actually see
such next year.

Until then I stick with this:

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