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I’d call CZ if your concerned.

Most companies I’ve called say not to shoot +P+ ammo. However some of my HK USP’s have said +P+ is fine in the owners manuals, but the newer ones don’t anymore.

While not the same I used to use 9bple and Underwood +P+ 124gr in a bunch of pistols, ranging from USP’s, to Berettas and CZ’s and glocks.

Never had any issues. Recoil with particularly the 9bple was pretty mild.

I did however contact federal and Underwood and was told the PSI was in the 40,000-42,000 range if my memory is correct.

I still have some of my beretta and Glock 19 mags loaded with 9bple as backup mags when I run low on HSTs or Gold Dots.

While there are better loads than 9bple, and I’d generally recommend against them, 9bple worked well for its time, and isn’t any worse than it was then.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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