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CZ P01 Omega
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This is an old post, but...
More than likely it is the trigger pull causing errant shots. It is quite different than a 1911. I suggest getting a laser target "bullet" on Amazon and practice your trigger pulls. OR- If you have the "combat trigger" (the tiny super curved trigger) replace it with a Omega trigger or one like it that will fit your gun. They sell them on Cajun Gun Works website. Figuring it out will be well worth your time.

The P01 is the one of the most accurate "smallish" gun I have ever shot, I have the Omega version which has the slight curve trigger. I got it because it is DA/SA, the safety on 1911's which I have carried for years constantly comes disengaged with constant wear.

And yes- my 1911 is a quality firearm. It is a Dan Wesson and there is nothing wrong with the thumb safety. The CZ P01 is the perfect carry gun for me. Your preference may be different.
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