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took all 3 to the range this evening with a mix of ammo. Ranger 147 JHP, Federal 115, Federal 124 and Black Hills 115. the 365x is broken in and functions perfectly, the Kimber and CZ are almost broken in. for grip, i prefer the 365x and CZ. for trigger i prefer the Kimber and CZ. the 365x wins on sights. they all have their advantages and are all fantastic carry pieces. here are some targets. all at 21'. i noted firearm and ammo on the target if you can read my handwriting.
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very impressed with the CZ P10s so i shot another 60 rds of black hills 115 though it. 20 are in the head.
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That kind of slow fire, precision shooting is all well and good but does nothing to show you how a pistol will behave for you when you really need one.

You need a shot timer and some drills that have either very aggressive par times or challenging hit factors.
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