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Hello World!
I am interested in the CZ Scorpion EVO and I had some questions about compatibility of mods/accessories with the S2 and the 3 plus versions. In short, I like the AR-15 grip, AR-15 mag release, and the smaller safety on the 3 plus (I'm leaning towards it), but like the faux suppressor look and some of the mods/accessories available for the S2 model. I am also aware that the 3 plus does not support the older magazines, but that is not relevant to me. I was wondering:
  • Does the Franklin Armory BFSIII binary trigger (Franklin Armory® BFSIII® CZ-C1) work in the 3 plus model? The Franklin Armory site mentions it has not been tested with the 3 plus and I have not found a direct confirmation elsewhere.
  • I found this handguard and faux suppressor for the scorpion by strike industries Strike 6. Is it compatible with the 3 plus model? The site just says EVO models with 7.72” barrel length but does not specifically list the 3 plus. Also, the 3 plus comes with a 7.8” barrel, not specifically 7.72”.
  • What are your thoughts on 3 plus vs S2?
Thanks for your input!
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