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Glad to hear others beg off trigger mods. The gun is perfect as-is IMO, but I do did the grip replacement; stock grips are sexy but fail in hot outdoor weather. The double action trigger is just so sweet.
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New member here. At least I think I am. Been a member to CZ Forum but the place is absolutely dead. I've had my Shadow 2 SAO for almost two years now. Absolutely love it. Try to shoot every week, but I'm averaging only 40 times a year the past two years. Have 7 mags which is what my Midway pistol case holds. Load them all up and shoot em all empty. After a year shooting I removed my Vortex Venom from my S&W Victory, bought a plate from a place in CZ, removed my rear site, mounted my plate, and mounted my Venom. Zeroed it over a year ago and haven't need to touch it since. Truly enjoy it. I mentioned these facts in the CZ Forum and had not one reply. Guess no one is interested in it. Pic below.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood Gun accessory
Trigger Air gun Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory
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