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    Guys & Gals looking for pros/cons on this as the 10mm bug has bitten me hard. I reload and want to go from mild FBI to small tactical nuke loads for the 10mm. Choices are the Steel frame Witness and a ummm Glock 20 as they seem to be the only new MGFR of hi-cap 10's The Glock 20 has the edge in everything (price , availability, cheap and easy to get mags) except the grip, every Glock and all Generations feel like holding a 2x4 to me. CZ, Ruger, S&W, S.A. XD/XDm don't make new 10's and not sure of the RIA 1911's holding up to Buffalo Bore/Underwood hot loads. Love to hear your $0.02 worth, good and bad.

    ps, it will be a range and bike riding pistol thru swamp trails with bears and nasty 2 legged critters
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    I bought a Tanfo large frame, wonder finish, all steel in 10mm 10 yrs or so past. Great shooting pistol, handled the hot stuff with no problems. It was undersprung from the factory, so I bought a Wolff Calibration Spring Pack to spring it up a bit. I also installed th e +10 mag springs in the mags as well. Ended up going with the 22# recoil spring and the extra power firing pin spring. Even with the stronger recoil spring, ejection was spirited. It launched brass into low earth orbit. Little of the precious Starline brass was recovered. To help remedy the problem I shortened the ejector about .060. Still launched the brass a good 15'. I prefer the ergonomics of the Tanfo to the Glock 20, which I've also owned.
    I would think the two pistols would be about the same price wise. To me it's mainly a matter of ergonomics, capacity, and parts availability.
    You can't go wrong with either one.

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    You can never go wrong with a glock :D

    I'm not sure I would ever buy an EAA after reading this review:

    "I bought two new EAA Wonder finished .45 pistols about five years ago. Due to corrosion issues I had them hard-chromed. At round counts between 2800-3000 with regular pressure ammo both experienced frame and slide cracking. I sent them back to EAA at my expense and they returned them back to me at my expense. No work was done on either pistol. Their excuse was that the "aftermarket refinishing" voided their lifetime warranty. None of the other nine pistols or rifles that I 've had hard-chromed has cracked." http://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=484517

    Shipping 2 hand guns 2 ways for a slap in the face and some B.S. isn't cheap.
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    I ran a 10mm Witness in wonderfinish for about 8 years, as a study gun for my forum's CZ Clone Club.
    They went to the different slides for the 10mm along the way but soon found them
    to have problems, and I'm told they are now back to the original slides.

    I was never a volume 10mm shooter, but shot hot hand loads from 155 to 200 in it,
    and most Double Tap 10mm that was out back then.
    There are even more loads like these today:
    Have never shot a Deer or anything other than a few grouse in the head with mine.

    As mentioned, the Glock 10mm like the G20 is too big for my hands, never tried a G29 or a

    The Witness was about as large a grip as I liked, much like my old 97B with Hakan grips.

    An EAA 10mm is a great way to get into the cartridge. Know that I never had a bad 10mm
    round or a stoppage. 10mm ammo is impossible to find in my area and I now longer reload.

    I encourage you to take the 10mm leap!
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    Great post Redsoxwa!

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, my Tanfo was bought as a 10mm. I put around 800 full power rounds of jacketed HPs and heavy hard cast through the pistol, I liked the platform well enough to buy 9mm and .45 uppers, and a .40 barrel for the 10mm upper. I then shot it almost exclusively in ESP division IDPA, and Production Division USPSA for almost 7 yrs. I shot approximately 35k rounds in 9mm and .40. Likely put less than 200 rounds of .45 through it. That brings the total round count to around 36k.
    I replaced the slide stop and firing pin due to breakage, changed out the recoil springs every 8k rounds or so, and one mainspring.
    I recently traded the pistol to a friend to use as a hog gun. I haven't heard of any problems from him.
    No grounds for complaint with the pistol. I got my money's worth from that gun!
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    nice gun, but I have never seen 10mm bullets at any of the stores I been in
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    10mm is one of my favorite loads.Of the six 10mm I shoot,two of them are EAAs'.I have a 6" EAA Hunter that is my most accurate and softest shooter,wonderfull grips and a truly amazing trigger right out of the box.The other EAA is a Witness carry,a poly framed,4" that is a bit snappy,but a nice grip and trigger.I like shooting the Witness carry and toting it much better that my Glock 20SF.
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    How is the poly carry sprung? I cannot get mine to feed reliably.:(

    It throws empties 30+ feet at 3:00, I tried finding a heavier recoil spring in the dual configuration, no joy. But I'm wondering if it isn't a mag spring issue, as when it jams, I pull the slide back slightly, and the round jumps right up into position.