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FINALLY! CZ Rami Grip Screw Bushings are here!

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A couple of years ago I lost two of the unique and very small grip screw bushings for my Rami pistols and finding replacements was impossible. In mid 2022 I contacted and contracted with a precision machine shop to manufacture these bushings. Originally I ordered 1000 pieces to be produced and after months of delays, retooling, lots of failures and reworks, I finally received 550 of these parts.
200 pieces are already spoken for leaving 350 for sale. My out-of-pocket costs came to $13.53 per bushing (excluding shipping). I will sell these remaining pieces for $14.50 each and a flat shipping cost of $2 in the lower 48 states. If the price seems too high, I am sorry. I had hoped to get these parts produced and able to sell under $7 each but the delays , retooling and machine time setup overruns drove the costs much higher than I wanted or expected.
At the price I'm being charged for these 550 pieces I do not intend to order any more of these Rami parts.
If anyone wants to buy these parts, I prefer a personal check. Contact me at [email protected] for my mailing address.
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