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Finally Got My CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical Just a Couple of Comments

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I just picked up my Tactical today ( 4-28-2017 ) First impression with the stock grip panels and never holding a CZ 75. Feels really good but just a tad big for my hands smaller grip. That was taken care of with a set of RAASCO Slim Grips. Now the grip feels awesome (just like a 1911), plus I always preferred the smooth feel of walnut grips.
I can not find one thing to complain about on this pistol. I have read and read about the trigger with the decocker is not as good as the regular SP-01 with the safety and CGW can take care of all the trigger needs. To me for what this gun is going to be I could not be happier with the trigger. Double action is very smooth and the single action although it has some take up there is nothing to complain about. It is light and crisp once the take up is out of the way. Has very little creep before the break.
I like the decocker but I do have a question about it. Has anyone ever filed the half cock notch off the hammer so that when the decocker is activated it completely goes into hammer down position ? Does anyone make a hammer that does not have the half notch built into it ? I do not mind the half notch but for me this pistol is a bed side and a range / steel plate home use pistol. I do not think I will ever complete with it. I never have competed and that really does not interest me.
I can not wait to get it out to my range. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday depending on weather (No Rain) Anyway here she is with the new grips on her and set up just the way I want her. So far I can not believe I have never been able to hold a CZ 75 until now and held off due to me thinking it would not fit my smaller grip size. I have always Loved the 1911's but do not own one anymore. I feel that they are out of date when you can get a Polymer frame pistol like an SR45 that holds a total of 11 rounds where a 1911 can only hold 9 at the most. With this CZ 75 it is like a 1911 but with 19 rounds of 9mm. Great Pistol.
Just remembered, I do have one complaint about the Pistol. The magazines when loaded are very rattily/noisy. Are all CZ 75 magazines this noisy when fully loaded ?

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thanks for the pics, its just like being there!
Another thing that I am real happy about with this pistol is the test target that came with it. I have seen some on the internet that were not very good. I was hopping mine would be a good test target. I was really happy when I saw my test target. It looks great to me. I will find out though when I get her to the range this weekend.

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OK guy's/gal's
Took her out today and ran about 60 rounds through her. Aim point was just where I read it was going to be, 6:00. I had no trouble hitting the plates at 25 yards, I even hit my 3" plate a couple of times. Not every time I fired at it but I would miss the 3" then bare down and hit it with the second or third shot. Ran flawless and I enjoyed shooting it. It's a keeper for sure.
good report
Looks like you have found your true love!
Congrats on a fine pistol JS !!
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