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First Day with new P-02

I picked the P-02 up from my FFL yesterday afternoon. I took it home and gave it a good cleaning and looked it over.
It is a really nice pistol, light weight but fits my hand well. It unfortunately shares the same trait as all my CZ's do, my short thumbs will not reliably release the safety without slightly shifting my grip. Not the guns fault.

I had a 15# Hammer spring so I put it in and went to the range today. I took over an action pit and set up two IDPA targets and a bullseye so I could see where the gun shot. It shot right on with all ammo. I shot a magazine of Ranger SXT and another 125 rounds of my handloads with either Xtreme 124 HP or RN. Did not have one hiccup all morning.

Trigger pull was long and smooth but really nice when shooting from reset. I shot SA and DA from 7 to 25 yards, two hands from the draw, low ready, strong and off hand and moving forwards and back. I had no problems keeping all my shots in the -0 area of the IDPA target. First shot from DA was long but I was able to keep it on target.
All the magazines flew out when released and the slide locked back every time on an empty one.

I do not like dot sights so I blacked the rear and orange dotted the front. There was not as much difference in the width of the front and rear sight as I like so I opened up the rear from .013 to 0.14 and that made it better to me. I may change sights eventually but it is good for now.
Other than adding some VZ grips the P-02 is a sweet little gun just like it is. I think I will shoot it in the next IDPA match just to see what we can do.
I also discovered my Lobo Snap on Pancake holster for my Glock 30 fits it perfectly.

I am still trying to determine if any parts or safeties are compatible with this little Omega gun.


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