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Hi all,
Just stopping by for the first time to say hello. As my title states, I have been very fortunate to have obtained two new pistols that I’ve had my eyes on for quite some time. Firstly, I picked up a new, what I consider to be the finest 45 on the planet, an FNX45 Tactical w a Trijicon red dot. Amazing gun balanced for a big dog, shooting effortlessly. If you ever get the chance to fire one you will be amazed how well it shoots. BTW, it came with a threaded barrel for a can, however I’m going to leave that be for a while.
Secondly, and the reason I’m posting, I once again was fortunate enough to acquire a new CZ Shadow2, blue grips in color. This gun, without a doubt, is a true “tack driver”. No wonder so many competitors use this pistol for matches. Although it is optics ready, I’m not putting a red dot on the gun as the sights from the factory are amazing. The red fiber optic front sight is so easy to pick up, I’m just blown away. I understand Cajon could do a trigger job on the gun along with some other bits, however I find the factory single action/ double action trigger to be flawless. Most likely will have a match grade trigger installed however for the time being I’ll save the approximate $450. I have owned several Kimbers and do own a few Sigs but nothing compares to the CZ. I’m including a couple pics from my first shots at the range from approximately 10 yards. If you ever get a chance to purchase or even fire the CZ you will have an amazing experience.
Lastly, I was “fortunate“ enough to find 9 mm Ammo, FMJ, at the price of $26.95 for 50 rounds. .63 a round sure beats close to a dollar per round for sure. Was able to purchase a thousand rounds. It certainly has been a great month for my gun world.
Feeling VERY fortunate
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