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morning guy's/gal's, i have always wanted to get a cz vz82 pistol in 9x18
well i had a str-9 9mm pistol, put pistol in my car and headed out to a
pawnshop down the road. got to the pawnshop and went to the gun counter
to see what they had for sale. there in the counter was a cz vz82 pistol.
my wish has been answered. the vz82 was in great shape, came with 2 mags,
leather holster, cleaning rod, and 100 rounds of 9x18
i traded my str-9 pistol and will have to pay $275.00 to get it out of layaway.
something told me to go to that pawnshop and i'm very happy i did.
when and A BIG IF, i get the $1400 from the gov, i will bring the cz82 home.
this will be my ccw... I'M A HAPPY CAMPER.. here's the pictures..
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