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Nice to see a new CZ forum start up. I've got a metal frame 2075 RAMI in 9mm (with the safety, not the decocker.) LOVE this little gun! Shoots so well for its size, AND, being from NY I'm only allowed to have 10 rounds, anyway (so far, we'll see if the Judge's decision holds on that one.) Basically, I figure for concealed carry, I only want to carry a gun as big as necessary for the rounds I'm allowed. I used to carry an Astra A100 (17+1) but no more. Not that it was easy to conceal, definitely a winter-only carry option.

I really admire the CZ 75 and variants (as well as all the clones, Italian and otherwise), and have heard great things about newer handguns from CZ as well. I love a well made, all metal gun. Nothing against polymer, and I'm planning on getting a polymer pocket sized gun for concealed carry at some point, but a metal frame just feels right in the hand, and softens the recoil, making for a great overall handling/shooting experience.

Scott in Penfield NY

Astra A100 9mm
CZ 2075 RAMI 9mm
Libia 25ACP
Sterling Arms Model 302 22LR
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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