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I am new to the forum and CZ firearms. I just picked up a P 01 with intent to use as a new carry gun after much research. I'm not new to firearms or concealed carry. My carry guns over the most recent years have been a Shield 9, SIG P320 Compact, Glock 19, and Glock 43x.

The SIG was the most ergonomic. I never really felt safe with it given the drop fire issue, although I did send it to SIG for the trigger upgrade. I'm sure it was fine and many people carry and use the 320 without issue, but I could never get past it and sold the SIG a few months back.

I tend to carry the Shield and 43x in warmer months, and the 19 in the winter. The problem is the 19 feels like I'm holding an oil can... I also recently switched to AIWB carry, and holstering/reholstering a striker fired pistol with one in the chamber can make me a bit nervous. That's where the P 01 became a choice. I really like the DA/SA decocker function and the ergonomics. I carried the M9 in the military, so it's not too far off what I trained with.

We'll see how cold weather carry goes and if it becomes my year round carry gun. Hopefully it's not too heavy vs. the 19.

Thanks for having me, and I look forward to learning from the collective wisdom here.
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