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Hello, all. My "handle" is the front part of a pun about being tired (I'm old).
I am not new to shooting, but I am MOST new to CZ-manufacture and CZ-pattern pistols, which I have grown to like very well. My curiosity and interest in buying one (or six) brings me to this forum
I started learning centerfire pistols 4+ decades ago, with a 1911A1, and still own, shoot, and carry one (or six). Had I been introduced to the CZ-75 or the Browning P-35 long ago, my preferences might be different.
Pistol/Revolver calibers for which I reload are: .380 A.C.P., 9x19mm, .38 Spl./.357 Magnum, .40 S&W, .45 A.C.P. (of course), and .45 Colt, in factory duplicate and "more emphatic" loads, for those (RARE) times when .45 ACP just isn't quite enough. While I can reload for .380 A.C.P., I don't own one (subject to change). I DO own a rather fun and accurate (for a war horse) CZ-52 pistol, for which I do NOT reload (ALSO subject to change).
I look forward to interacting with and getting to know many of you, better.
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