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Hey, everyone. I've had my CZ P07 Compact since last summer and love it. I switched to it for my EDC from my Glock 48 just for the winter months because of wearing bigger/heavier clothing. I find it very comfortable to carry even though it's a little heavier and wider than the G48. Mine came with the de-cocker installed and I like that feature. I've never had a de-cocker on a pistol before, but I feel completely comfortable carrying with the hammer in the de-cocked position and a round chambered. I have several other handguns (striker fired) but seem to be the most accurate with the P07 in single action. Must be the lighter and smoother trigger which feels great. Anyway, just wanted to say, "Hi" and I'll be checking out the forum with hopes of being able to contribute something to some of the discussions. Take care.
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