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65 Year Old retired Manufacturing Engineer / machinist / competitive shooter / gunsmith / AR builder / RVN Vet / 68forums Moderator here...

Previously was 01 FFL for 14 years and 03 FFL 26 years.

Will be celebrating our 11th year of retirement in four months.

Have owned a large collection of modern and C&R firearms over the years but have recently found new homes for many items as I streamline and downsize my personal collection.

Hopefully I can contribute where needed... and learn from others here as well.


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Welcome to CZ talk. Now maythere is someone older than me here.:D

Wife retired teacher. Me, retired probation officer and teacher. I did the FFL thing too back in the 80s & early 90s. Wasn't worth it. I only did gunshows on weekends. Gunshow trader/scammer for 35+ years.

Had to thin my collection quite a bit when I was forced to retire in 2005. But I just can't stop. Will be doing 2 shows in the next 2 weeks. First ones for this year.
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