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I stopped by a gun shop a couple of weeks ago and found a used CZ-75C. It was a bit over-priced, but it had been upgraded with a steel guide rod and Novak sights so I snagged it. I've got a VZ-82 that I really like, and because I'm so impressed with that weapon I've been on the look-out for a CZ-75 (of any variant) ever since. So, it really wasn't all that hard a decision to grab it - even if it was about $50 (or so) more than I wanted to spend.

I got to take it out on the range for the first time yesterday. I wasn't so much interested in pretty groups as I was combat accuracy, and I went through 100 rounds of 9x19 doing a long string of quick draws, double taps, and one-handed shooting with strong and weak arms. Even out to 25 yards nothing was outside of the 8-ring on the silhouette. Can't wait to see what it can do when I get serious about the pretty groups.

Have I become a CZ fanboy? Yezzir, I'd say so. Is this the best handgun I've ever owned? Yezzir, I'd have to say so on this one as well - and I've got guns made by Glock, SIG, Ruger, four different versions of the Makarov (made by fellers over in Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, and Czechoslovakia), Remington (1911), SCCY, Smiff, and Taurus. Was ol' Colonel Cooper right when he said this was the best gun in the world barring the 1911? Yezzir, I think he was pretty dang close, but I'm gonna give this an edge over the 1911 since I only own one variant of the 1911 and I think my CZ-75C out-performs it.
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