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I was reading my email on Wednesday and saw an ad from Gander Mountain on a .22lr single action revolver, so I visited Gander on Thursday morning and walked away with a good deal on a Heritage Manufacturing Rough Rider...that is usually priced @ $199.99 on sale for $119.99. Total after Tax and NICS was $132.19.

Came with a coupon that offers the .22 Magnum cylinder for only $29.99. Mailed that away this morning...

So...I took it to the range Thursday after leaving the store and was amazed at how accurate it was right from the box, considering it only had a fixed front blade and rear notch for sights. It's quite a nice little single action revolver for the price...

wow that's great..........................


Caliber: .22LR
Action: Single Action Revolver
Capacity: 6
Barrel length: 4.75"
Frame: Aluminum alloy
Grips: Cocobolo
Sights: Open fixed / notch in rear
Overall length: 10.035"
Overall weight: 33.4 ozs.
Mfg. Number: RR22B4
wow that great
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