Hi Ladies, I just saw this and got the keys to the forum

Discussion in 'Women's Forum' started by AL Gal, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. AL Gal

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    Hi Ladies

    I just saw this forum for the first time today. I must have just not noticed it before, so I asked in to see what secrets we could tell that the fellas cannot see. :)

    As is evident in the main forum, I have a tiny bit of shooting experience and own 2 guns, one I have not shot yet.

    I also have a friend giving me a 16 guage one-shot shotgun, that I've not seen yet or know much about. It was her late hubby's.
  2. Windy

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    Hello, AG. I'ts good to see you in the Women's forum.

    I have been shooting for only about 4 years but I absolutely enjoy it. I don't really like shooting shotguns but I think it's because I'm very short and I don't think I've shot a shotgun that fits me properly. I have tried my hand at some skeet and trap shooting and am going to try again in April. A 16 gauge is a ice gauge for a woman, I think.