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Going to get a 75 compact. Intent is range, coffee table and nightstand. I live down a 1/4 mile gravel road and depend on the county sheriff. Neighbors have reported creeps in the yard at night and a few break ins. As coffee table isn’t a real option I’m looking for a comfortable way to conceal while watching tv with my wife. Laying out on the lamp table would be too much of a conversation piece. And it would lay around condition 1 unless the double action really thrills me. Prefer more control than laying on the the lamp stand. Never owned a CZ, but use to like HI Powers and 1911. The only automatic pistol I own now is a 50 year old ruger 22 I used to hunt squirrels when I was a kid. Everything else is 357 wheel gun with at least a 5.5” barrel. Family heirlooms. They’re a little more than I want in my lap while perusing the internet. Thought about an EMP as it’s designed around 9, but I’ve always wanted a CZ, the HP was born to use 9, and I’ve never, never witnessed a HP FTF. The 1911 fits my hand like I was born with it, but I’ve decided CZ 75 compact. LGS Monday. Interested in options, any experienced owners have recommended improvements for sights, grips, holsters.
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