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Other than shooting, what do you like to do in your spare time? Read? Sew? Cook? Garden? Organize? Clean?

Yes, I work with a woman who likes to clean. I ought to let her loose in my house. It eeds a detailed going over. LOL

I like to cook but I live alone so I don't do anything elaborate anymore. When my man comes to visit, I like to feed him well. I used to sew when my kids were young. I sewed a lot of their play clothes and one year I made these awesome, colorful stuffed dinosaurs for all the kids in the family. One year made jumpers for the girls.

I sometimes read when I can get my hands on a good book.

I love a beautiful yard but I hate going out to garden because of the heat, mosquitoes, etc. I usually just plant a few tomato plants in tubs. My house is very small and my man is going to install window boxes under my front windows. I think it will look beautiful. I heard they need to be watered almost every day. Anyone have any experience? He's also going to pull out four yews I have in front of my house and I'll put a mix of annuals and perennials there instead.

I'm interested in hearing what you ladies like to do to keep yourselves busy and happy.
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