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About time I found my way to a CZ forum! I really like my revolvers but when it comes time to take a semi auto to the range, it has to be a CZ. I now only own 2 different 9's and both are CZ's. A SP 75-01 Phantom and a couple CZ P10C's. One is a black one I "accidentally" picked up at an auction thinking I would use it for trade bate. It is missing the middle size back strap and has not been fired.

I have to have accurate firearms. I work up loads for my revolvers and I work on each pistol to adjust the sites so they are accurate. Now I am getting ready to finally get my CZ's where I want them to be with my custom reloaded ammo.

I am sure I will learn a lot on this site and I look forward to getting educated on the finer aspects of the CZ.

For me personally, I am semi retired and this May will be my final year working in education as a teacher and administrator at both the secondary and postsecondary levels as both a teacher and administrator at both levels at both public and private Christian Schools. The last three years I have worked with special education students developing technology plans for them. I am married to same lady I began dating when I was a senior, she was a junior in HS. Yes, she puts up with me and now understands I don't really "need" anything but want a lot of things - but fewer all the time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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