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I read that they discontinued the 97B and 97BD, is this true?

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I wonder if they'll make a replacement for them? Does anyone know?
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It’s not on their website I do know that
I have a Tanfoglio / EAA Witness (CZ clone) in .45 ACP - nice gun!
Yeah I have a 97B myself and I love it!
I bought a K2 Sar 45acp and really like it, my second Sarsilmaz. Pretty close, in my opinion, to CZ . Oh, by the way I own three CZ pistols and four of their rifles.
My prefer fun store has a few in stock.

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I hunted my down a couple years ago when they were really scarce cause I didn’t want to go without. Had I known they were gonna discontinue the phantom again I’d have grabbed one of those also!
Found a 97BD and brought it home. What a beautiful gun. All the right curves in all the right places.
yes they stopped producing them however they are available
i asked cajun gun works and they confirmed this as well

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They're excellent shooters. I ordered a threaded barrel from Bar-Sto and just received it. I'm on the wait list at CGW to have them fit it to my 97BD. It should be a perfect supressor host once it's done since .45 ACP is subsonic.
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