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Hi I just purchased a CZ 85 Combat it was used but only slightly a woman won it in a raffle and it was too big for her hands so when she got back home here in Greers Ferry Arkansas she traded it in on a smaller pistol her husband shot one magazine through it. It had been setting in the glass cabinet since roughly August of 2013. We live in a small town the gunstore/hardware store. Anyway I had saved up some money and was looking at a 1911 but I got to talking with the gun store guy and got all I could find out about the pistol. I let t drill around thinking about it and went back and bought it and I'm glad I did it is by far the most accurate pistol I've ever shot when I got back from the range and cleaned it I got all the factory grease out of it. I love it and I'm going to buy more down the road
Glad to have found this forum
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