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The CZ RAMI , or CZ 2075 RAMI, has been out for a number of years.

Mine came from CZ-USA in April of 2004.

(IIRC) In 2009.. CZUB came out with the RAMI BD.

This was like a RAMI but with the decock lever like a CZ PCR
or P-01, and other models like the CZ75 BD.

Well, after nearly 10 years of carry in 2013.

I posted here on TFL that I might make the switch to the RAMI BD.

Aside from a rash of Ruger revolvers, some M&Ps., a RAMI P..Glocks, and other
fun guns to play with..the RAMI was on my side.

Years of daily, weekly practice didn't seem to affect it much, but
I often thought that being able to deock the hammer would be
much safer than my constantly having to lower the hammer down
over a live round.

A P-01, P-07 Duty or two reinforced that concept, yet I still clung to my
RAMI for daily carry.

2016 was a year of drought for the RAMI BD, and I vowed that I'd someday
pick one up if I could swing the extra cash.

Add the sales of a couple Rugers, and a nice injection of birthday money..
and the RAMI BD was on the way from the good [email protected]

Initial shooting showed it to be pretty tight from the factory,,especially when drying to eject the mags.

Since I have 14 RAMI mags, I was sure the mark the 10-shot (carry)
and the 14-shot spare mag as "BD" with a marker.

The gun ran about 98% from the box, with only a hint of failure to close with some Magtech ammo.

My now 14 year old RAMIs trigger is pretty smooth and light in both DA
and and SA modes.

More shooting of the RAMI BD seemed to smooth it out in both function and trigger pull.

With 187 round through it to date. It has fed FMJ and JHP ammo alike, and
asks for more.

CZ-USA has kindly sent me 2 more 14-shot RAMI extended magazines so I'll have
and equal playing field for more testing.

In regard to the decock lever, I find myself asking :"Why didn't I do this
'years ago?" each time I go to the range.

For more than a few years:

There might be many a person out there who likes the RAMI's manual safety.

However, I've been advising people for more than fews buy the
BD if possible.

The very safe decock lever (lowers the hammer to a very safe firing pin block)
does mean that you are basically carrying the gun in the half-cock position, but you get used to the looks quickly.

The Czech police and many a CZ fan carried PCRs and P-01s far before
the RAMI BD.

In retrospect, I've already covered the decocker.

However, the icing on the RAMI BD cake is that each gun is shipped from the
factory with Nites.

I'm convinced that the extra cost over the regular RAMI is well worth it.

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