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I inadvertently quit shooting about 25 years ago, with the birth of my only daughter. It was not intentional and not even recognized until about 18 months ago, when a co-worker mentioned that he had been to an indoor range during a vacation and had a blast. He purchased a 9MM Walther and I snagged an XD-M and we were range bound. Growing up in Montana and spending my youth as an avid field-clearing, gopher eliminator I was easily drawn back to the sport and have managed to sample offerings from several manufacturers in the firearms world.
Recently, I locked in on a CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom and mine is due to arrive the middle of next week. I have watched all of the video reviews, read a ton of info about it and have to say that I am just about as excited as can be, for this new one's arrival.
I hope to have worthwhile content to share and if not, I'll still manage to enjoy being a part of this community and learning as I go.
Be safe and smile when they do not expect it.
LaMont in AZ
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