Just bought a CZ 550 action ...

Discussion in 'CZ Rifles' started by Heinleiner, Oct 28, 2020.

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    Hi folks,

    Howdy! This is my first post ... came looking for advice.

    A local gun store had a couple of new CZ 550 .30-06 actions from a customer (probably the ones Brownells was selling awhile back). With the current AR craze, I traded a stripped Anderson lower even for one. :)

    So now I have a really nice receiver. Looking for a barrel and a stock. It has the receiver, bolt, magazine, base plate and single set trigger.

    Are there any places besides Ebay or GB where I might find a good used stock for the 550? I've been looking for barrels too ... prices seem like they are really high now.

    I think I am going to make it a 6.5X55.